eEerything was amazing

by: , Canadian -
March 01, 2016

Going into this i really didn't know what to expect all I know is i was ready for a challeng and existed to one of the wonder's of the world.

Day 1, I was introduced to the amazing crow and i was going to sigth the night 4 day with . We started our trek .

Day 1, I was a preith easy day getting familiar the land and the history behing it. we had 15 porters who carried up to go sups each and 3 guides Paul, Jimmy and Bernardo . who were the ones who took us through the next few days by lunch time we were amaled by an incredible lunch made by the chet Fabian.

At the end of the day we arrived @ camp with a warn wellcome by all the portes, dinner was beging served all the tents were set up. after dinner ,paul, took up Tarantula hunting wich was awesome the following morning we were workew up with tea and bed breakfast .

Thanks you to everyone . This is something i will never forget and something , i will take with me . everything was amazing.

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