Far Beyond Expectations

by: , United States of America -
May 22, 2014

The best way to sum this trip up in as few words as possible is: far beyond expectations. The pictures on the website are good, but they do not do justice of the beauty of the nature that this trail takes you through.

In particular, I feel extremely lucky that I picked this company to guide myself and my best friend from college because they excelled in safety, hospitality, and authenticity. Although the trail pushed my limits, I never felt any amount of fear or doubt because I always knew that I was in good hands.

At all parts of the trail there were options available such as horse rentals for those who may be having a tough time on a certain section.The hospitality especially impressed me by providing delicious and nutritious meals three times per day, as well as a "happy hour" where we drank hot chocolate and had a nice evening snack. The chef, assistant, and the horsemen worked exceptionally hard and humbly. Being able to be about of their life was an amazing experience in itself.

The guides can speak perfect Spanish and English, and even the local indigenous Incan language. Actually, the Incan language was their first language. These guys are the real deal. Don´t risk this once in a lifetime trip with another company. In choosing Salkantay.org you will be receiving the best service, and you will be supporting some of the greatest people you have ever met.

Special Package:

Machu Picchu Travel

10 Days - A special package including assistance at your arrival in Lima, all accommodation and transportation required...and of course our world famous Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. *