First hiking ever

by: , Swedish -
January 06, 2015

This was my first hiking trip ever. I didn't know what to expect and didn't know how to prepare myself. Arriving to Cusco and the high altitude was hard. Unfortunately we just had a couple of hours to adapt.

The first day was soft. We had a great day to enjoy hiking and get to know the "family". Second day was much more challenging. Getting up to 4200 meters was though but the feeling once you made it, was great. Breathing was probably the toughest part. You just have to take it nice and easy and walk at your own pace.

I had not given the third day much thought since I expected the second one to be the hardest. Was I wrong ! Going down for several hours was hard. You have to keep your eyes on every stone you step on, so that you don't fall. The forth and last day we were waking up early to get to Machu Picchu first, and we made it. Having a look over the business was amazing and all the hard hiking was definitely worth it ! The food during the hike was very good !

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