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by: , USA -
July 03, 2015

Our 4 day Inca Trail trip to Machu Picchu was amazing!.

The first day was a relatively tame "training" day, meeting new friends (8 in our group, plus 4 more) and our great guides, Victor and Martin. Midway through the first day, it started to drizzle and we got to test our rain gear. After reaching camp and having an excellent meal - all meals through our hike were incredible - the rain continued through the first night.

The second day was the hardest. Lots of rain and cold as we climbed to Dead Woman's pass at 4200 meters. It was challenging for all of us, specially as it snowed (!) at the pass. After the strenuous morning/afternoon hike, we relaxed for the rest of the day at the campground.

The third day was beautiful, with lots of ruins and hiking through the jungle, as we approached Machu Picchu.

The fourth day, we woke up at 3am to be one of the first groups to reach Machu Picchu. We powered to the Sun Gate and were presented with amazing views of Machu Picchu as it emerged through the clouds. We hiked down - and met 4 cool llamas on the way - and had a wonderful tour of one of the world's 7 wonders.

Overall, it was an incredible experience that I would highly recommend!

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