From Hungover to Hiking King

by: , Irish -
November 11, 2016

First day - 5am bus with hangovers. All the bus laughed as we got on. I didn't think we could do it.

First day was okay nothing too steep. We met some nice people on the tour. Day 2 - I thought this would be fine until I saw the steep ascent. Climbing those steps I started to wish I took the pussy train. There was many of times I thought I was going to die but I made it.

Day 3 broke my knees as it felt like we went all the way down to hell. Day 4 the 3am start, climbing the death steps and then the sun gate and Machu Picchu made it all worthwhile.

Special thanks to the great people in the group and to Paul and Willy for their entertaining stories and enthusiasm all the way through. They kept us going every step of the way.

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