by: , China(Macao) -
November 22, 2016

The trip is good. Everything is fine in the first four days. It is tired but still fine. I love everyone in this group.

The Finland girl speedy Anna. WOW... she is always the first one get to the camp. Sometimes I think if she is a ghost. Ronny ,one of our guides , did a great job. Wong, the other guide, always take care of the slow one and telling us story on our way. The trip is so good, meet lots of good people.

One thing I have to mention is the road to wanapichu. Ricardo, Shit Friend? Best friend ever. He guides us to the wrong road. We went to GrandCavena it took us 4 hours. Fuck. 4 hours without water and food. I really think I will die in the wood. Thank god. I finally make it.

Thank God.

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