Gorditos adventure

by: , American -
January 24, 2015

The Inca Trail was a great challenge with fantastic rewarded. The Inca Trail Reservations crew was a solid support team. Our guide, Carlos, was very kind and helpful. He was full of great information and really brought the group together like a family.

The porters were insanely strong and friendly. Every day we would wake up to hot tea, delicious meals from a proper cook. After each day of hiking, we would arrive to pre-setup tents with a nice snack and happy hour. I was so thoroughly impressed with their ability to carry so much weight and hike so quickly, all while smiling and joking. They really spoiled us with the excellent campsite and meals.

Day 1 was a beautiful walk in the park. Day 2 was the hardest climbing up "Dead Woman's Pass", and down the back side. Day 3 was an epic climb through the jungle with amazing Inca sites. Day 4 was a struggle, with the 3 am start and entry into the super-touristy historical park featuring Machu Picchu mountains.

Overall it was a great experience. I would recommend the trek to anyone who has backpacking experience, or wants a real challenge. Pack light !

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