Great time at Machu Picchu

by: , Canadian -
April 17, 2015

I had a great time on the Inca Trail . Our guide Raul, was great. He was funny, informative and good to talk to. He would let everyone go at their own pace, and just tell us when the next point to regroup was, so that we could take pictures or he would tell us about the Inca site we were looking at. He also helped me practice my Spanish although his English was excellent. I really enjoyed talking to him and hanging out with the rest of the group.

The food the cook prepared was delicious and the service was excellent. Each meal started off with soup and then the main course and then ended with tea. The porters were all very helpful and always had everything ready by the time we arrived. They did not speak much English but were always smiling. They are so fast on the trail, even with the heavy loads ! The only thing I would have changed was the weather, as it rained a bit. The views were still amazing though and it was great to come over the Sun Gate and get that first look at Machu Picchu. It definitely is an amazing city and I would recommend anyone to go there !

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