Hard walk, good views

by: , BRITISH -
September 18, 2014

Well I have had the most wonderful time with the Salkantay.org tour guides Paul and Marco. The first day was spent enjoying a truly beautiful trek through the mountains with a little drizzle and rain. I particularly enjoyed the explanation for using the coca leaves. Paul explained that you should take only a few leaves in both of your hands and give them a blow out of respect for the Incas, and then roll the leaves into a roll and place them in the side of the cheek to suck on for a few hours. The coca leaf comes from the same plant that the drug cocaine is derived from and therefore after sucking on many of these leaves it was possible to experience a slight elation or "high" if you will, from the slow but constant flow of euphoric leafy juices.

After hiking for many hours we approached what Paul described the "pussy lodge" where the wealthy and famous would stay ! After arriving at our campsite, we had ourselves a nice luncheon and then took the voluntary walk up to the glacier, which, furthermore should really be made compulsory as it is great training for future days and also the most visually fantastic place to climb to. After a nice dinner and a card game involving killers, detectives and ladies of the night, I was finally able to take some photographs of the starry night sky before the clouds finally stole the night.

The night was too cold and I would have appreciated an extra blanket, or at least the option to borrow one for the night. The next day was hard work but the views and holy water at the summit under the mighty shadow of the Salkantay Glacier made it all worth while. The third and fourth day were easier but different and I enjoyed too, although the music was annoying last night and I think inappropriate for those who wanted to breakfast at 5 am. Thanks so much, cheerio !

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