Heaven and underworld

by: , Indian -
July 19, 2017

Inca trail was excellent. Day 1 was pretty easy. It had small scale ascent and descent. Day 2 was most difficult. It was uphill for 5 hours.

But the dead woman pass was awesome at 4200 metre. U can see the glaciers on one side and a valley on another side. Then u go down to your campsite 3600 metres. For day 2 we took porter since we had to hike uphill for 5 hours. Day 3 started early since we had to cover 16 km on one day. With 10 kgs on your back you go first to 3900 metres and then keep comming down to 2600 metres.

Day 4 we start early amd visit machu pichu. The trip was not just about machu pichu but the whole experience ober 4 days in Inca Trail . Inca trail makes machu pichu special. The food over 4 days was excellent.

The chef was excellent. Last but not the least our guide was great in motivating us through out the hike and explaining important information about inca trail and machu pichu.

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