Help, I can’t breathe !

by: , USA -
January 06, 2015

Where to start.... Here goes my adventure. We met with the self proclaimed "The King of the Mountain" who gave us our overview of the upcoming trip.

Day 1 started with good hike to our campsite. We met our new friends and quickly got acquainted. Day 2. There's nothing that can describe the challenge of this day. No amount of training will prepare you for this. Stage one 1:46:32 and stage two 2:19:28 all uphill like a non ending stair master to a height of 4200 meters. For someone that lives 12 feet above sea level I felt like dying. No oxygen. I've never felt like quitting anything but this almost made me tap out. Ronnie, one of our guides got me through this. The last half of day 2 was all downhill.

Day 3 was long. My legs were shredded. My legs are still shredded. My goal at this point is simple completion. Day 4 we descended onto Machu Picchu. We were the first to the Sun Gate thanks to Carlos, our tour guide. Both Carlos and Ronnie are superb and knowledgeable. We were very fortunate to have the group of trekkers we had. If you plan an Inca Trail trip I highly recommend Inca Trail Reservations and Carlos and Ronnie as your guides. Lastly my main group hired three personal porters. These guys are lifesavers.

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