Hike of the life time

by: , Malaysia -
October 25, 2015

The title says is all !!! this is a hike that everyone should do at least once !!!!. My wife and I are not regular hiker but we booked this trip anyway due to high recommendations from multiple friends .

We started preparing the trip s about 2 mounth ago researching online and looking thru trails info and picture. Before the hike , I thought , I have seen it all from the online pictures and inforormation, but believe me, nothing beats it from experiece it in person.

Honestly speaking , I believe my experience would'nt be as great if it wasn't with "Inca Trail Reservations " since we are not regular hikers . A few things i really wanted to point out.

1) The guides , Lizandro , is really experience and patient. He walks the trails for the past 10 years and know every nook and cranny of the trail. We were slow and he was always patient waiting for us to make sure we were all safe .

2) The food prepared by the cook was amazingly good. I can bet all my money saying the food on Inca Trail were better than any food we had in cusco . On second day, the cook even made a cake for one of hiker's birthday.

3) Having say, that all , the trail itself worth more than thousand worth to decribe . One has to see it for himself / himself to know what i am saying .

Anyway, I have to re- interate again. This Is really A HIKE OF THE LIFE TIME !!!.

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