Hiking the Inca Trail

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July 03

What an amazing adventure! I knew that the Inca Trail would be awesome, but I had no idea how much of an experience it would be. We started our Inca Trail trek with 8 friends from San Diego, but we left the trail with 4 more trail friends, great experiences with our guides, and the utmost respect for our 11 porters and fabulous chef.

The first day was a good training hike to get our legs ready for day 2, 3, and 4. Our hike was mostly flat with only occasional small inclines. We stopped for lunch at a picturesque location and enjoyed a gourmet meal. This as our first experience with our chef and porters. . . They are incredible. We reached our camp for the first day, had another great meal, and then retired for the night in our tents. It began raining earlier in the day, but it really poured all night.

The next day greeted us with more rain. We strapped up, put our rain gear on, and prepared for our toughest day on the trail. Dead Women's Pass was a test to our physical and mental strength (and we were in very good shape for the trek). We experienced light rain, torrential downpour, sleet, snow, and finally sun! The weather and Pachamama tested our limits. We finally arrived at camp for the night, ate a Lot of food, and collapsed in our tents.

The next day was my favorite day for sure! It was filled with fun hiking, great historical sites, wonderful meals, and much better weather. We further developed our relationships with our guides, new friends, old friends, and porters by playing cards, singing, eating a cake, and sharing more of our lives with everybody.

The next day we got up at the crack of dawn to get in line for the Sun Gate. We were the second group to arrive, but quickly sped ahead once we started hiking. We were the first group to arrive and take in the breath taking views of Machu Picchu. We paused to take several pictures and then continued to the site. It was wonderful and not to be missed. It exceeded all my expectations !!!.

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