Hiking the Inca Trail

by: , USA -
June 07, 2012

Hiking the Inca Trail was so worth it. It was a grueling 4 day trip that was breath-taking every step of the way. The weather was enjoyable even when it was raining or a blazing sun. The variety of weather was fantastic and made for refreshing moments during difficult physical endeavors. At the top of Dead Woman´s Pass it snowed on us, and once back to camp on day 2 there was heavy rain and even hail! It was quite the adventure!

The porters must have been the highlight of trip. They provided the ambience for a wonderful hiking and camping experience in the Andean Mountains. They carried tents, cookware for all our meals, the food necessary for having 3 course meals at every stop. They not only carried it up and down every mountain they also beat us to our campsites by hours and setup our camp for us. They were very diligent and had hot tea and other refreshments ready for us upon arrival.

Walking the historical sites made me feel that I had traveled back in time. Seeing Machu Picchu through the sun gate on the final day was so rewarding. I recommend this trip to anyone for both its challenges and its rewards.

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