Holiday MachuPicchu

by: , Mexican -
October 02, 2016

Ronny and his team did a great job. The first day is an easy hike. The second one is the toughest.

One climbs from 3000 to 4200 meters and then back to 3600 mètres. I recommend to use hiking boots, avoid flat shoes. Ronny is very knowledgeable, especially of the Archelogical sites that one visits on this trail. noteworthy was the fantastic food that the chef prepared, always fresh and tasty. It is a demanding tour but the support staff (Porters) were extremely helpful. Without their help the tour would have been even harder.

I have travelled a lot and highly recommend the Inca Trail Reservations with this team .

Special Package:

Machu Picchu Travel

10 Days - A special package including assistance at your arrival in Lima, all accommodation and transportation required...and of course our world famous Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. *