Honeymoon trek

by: , American-Filipino -
June 05, 2014

Away from lands of busy schedules and media, I was so thrilled about the planned trip. The trek was everything I expected it to be emotionally, spiritually and physically.

As our honeymoon, my husband and I found it a challenging and rewarding experience. We were both so happy and proud to be holding each other's hands atop Dead Woman's Pass and at the arrival of Machu Picchu. A man who is willing to accompany you and hold your toilet paper at a campsite's bathroom, is sign that he is a keeper. BUT we could not have done it without our AMAZING group's encouragement and support.

The trip was empowering, invigorating and rejuvenating. Thank you to Manuel, Matthew, Tomas, Suzanne and Inca Trail Reservations !!! The trip was unbelievably amazing!!

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