How Peru kicked my a$$!

by: , USA -
May 18, 2014

Adventure can be defined in infinite ways. For me, it must include trying something out of your comfort zone and seeing a new way to see the world, or a new perspective on something ordinary. The Salkantay trek encompassed all these things and pushed me towards my limits.

Knowing the physical portion of any endeavor only accounts for 20% of the energy expended for anything, I eagerly chose to accompany my friend on this trek. I told myself that if I had the majority 80% mental portion down, the physical limit would be a piece of cake.

However, I never prepared myself to apply my full mental strength with my physicality at a reduced rate. The altitude acclimation definitely was an indescribable and formidable foe in my adventure. My mental concentration was tested in ways I had not yet experienced in life. Although it was excruciating at times, I felt my mind and body growing stronger from the experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to grow new found respect for hikers and backpackers everywhere as well as the Incan level of physical prowess. The trek helped me refine my own life philosophy of focusing on one step/breathe at a time and proper preparation's benefits.

Thank you to all guides and chefs and horsemen!

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