I don’t even like the mountains

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April 15

So, the title is true. I'm an ocean, island girl but would recommend this experience and recommend it with Victor to anyone! .

Were there challenging moments when I was hating my friend that signed me up to do this with her? Absolutely; but in the end, it was worth every rain drop and stinky foot smell. The porters that do all the hard camping work for you are true legends. Someone described it as 5 star camping.

Tents, dinners, fresh water, hot tea upon wake up, and even tea and popcorn happy hours. Victor and Juan, our guides, truly made this experience with our a group a family experience. We had the option to continue on a few days and arrive at Aguas calientes a night sooner, but I'm so glad we did not.

The views at the last night at camp, even for an island girl that doesn't like the mountains, were breathtaking. More importantly, Victors positivity even through the rain on the final morning to arrive at the sungates just after sunrise MADE the entire trip! Inca Trail Reservations was very helpful through the booking process as well as to help us get hotels and plane tickets sorted.

Would recommend them to anyone!!!.

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