I survived :) :)

by: , Norwegian -
January 24, 2016

Day1: We stared out on the first day on " the easy " part, but it was not as easy as they made it sound. The only things thent kept us going was coolness, kit that and the promise that lunch was just around the come.

Day2 : The day started slow , but soon we picked up speed. The service was kind of looking since no one was able to keep up with me luckly, I survived. Finally reached the top and still no luch. Then we had to walk down the mountain. Feet would't cooperate and every one was super tired at luch. again only that kept us going was the promise of lunch.

Day3 : Feet hurts, legs hurt and druged an painkiller. The walks was good at first but then the already downkiles started. Almost 5002 steps. Only the promise of luch kept us going . The service was good , but would have been much better if they had removed all the fog along the way .

Thanks Ingunn.

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