Inca Adventure

by: , British -
July 25, 2015

Four unbelievable days. Firstly I would like to thank our guide Miguel. Informative, funny, caring, helpful and incredibly friendly - by far our best tour guide in the whole of South America. Secondly the porters.

All very friendly and I have huge admiration and respect for how they manage to carry all our camping equipment and food.I am incredibly grateful too! The food they prepared was absolutely delicious. The trek itself was stunning. Some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen and walking through the sun gate on the final morning was breath taking. Macchu Picchu itself exceeded expectations and the weather was too kind.

If I had one complaint it would be that our sleeping bags (rented from Inca Trail Reservations ) had very weak zips and a few tears in, not ideal on he second night when it reached -0! . Other than that however it was four of the best days of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Thank you very much!

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Machu Picchu Travel

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