Inca amazingness

by: , USA -
March 10, 2015

Let me start off by saying that, I do not hike. But, I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone and do something I usually wouldn't do. Needless to say, I really enjoyed my time on the Inca Trail . The first day was the hardest for me because I was not ready for the altitude. Even though, we were told the first day was the easiest. The second day was really challenging but fun at the same time. I really enjoyed all of the meals that were cooked for us. They were delicious. The third day was also amazing. The views are unbelievable. I can't believe how beautiful and challenging the Inca Trail was.

I was not expecting everything that I saw, it was amazing. The only negative thing I have to say is that there was a huge lack of communication. We were told that we could bring 7 kg per person and once we got to the meeting we were told 7 kg per bag including sleeping bags. Also, we were told that we were camping 3 days and we ended up staying at a hostel, which was fine, but we were never told that, until the day of. On a side note, Carlos and Ronnie were so great to us. We loved them and they made our trip amazing.

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