Inca Trail, 4 days, 3 nights – again please!!

by: , German -
May 09, 2014

Thank you, Inca Trail Reservations , for the amazing 4 days in the Inca Trail! Just now, 10 min after my return from Machu Picchu, I still struggle for words that describe this great adventure. The Trek itself is beautiful (yet quite demanding at times! Especially the 2nd "unforgettable day"), the food is unbelievably surprising and the group was just lovely. Somehow my friend and I ended up in a mini-group of just 4, but that was really nice as it made walks and talks quite relaxing. Incredible also the very hard work of the porters and the cook. The lovely food and great help made this event so much better (and maybe possible in the first place as I can't see myself carrying all that stuff myself up the 4200m peak!).

A few advises for future tour participants and operators:

1) Take several days in advance in Cusco to adjust to the altitude. I still got pretty sick in day 2.

2) Walk the Trek in your own pace. It is tempting to get to the camp and to Machu Picchu as quick as possible (or feel a bit rushed by the group, as in my case). But the Trek itself is "the goal" and in my opinion, actually tops Machu Picchu by far.

3) Take snacks. But in general, carry as little as possible (but don't forget warm clothes in layers, etc). Ask the hotel in Cusco or the tour operator if you can leave things with them.

4) Brave yourself for pretty tough conditions sometimes, basic campsites etc.

5) Look up while walking - the views are stunning and the wildlife plentiful (of course, take care while looking up... the trail is not exactly even...) and JUST ENJOY!

- Katrin, 32 years old, United Kingdom

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