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by: , Canadian -
April 08, 2014

My husband Branko and I had been planning a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu for years. This year finally, we got a chance to come. Prior to the coming, we were looking for different options for the Inca Trail in particular. We had searched over the internet, and the Inca Trail Reservations caught our attention. The first contacts with the reservations booking people gave us confidence that we are dealing with a professional travel agency. My husband did the majority of contacts.

We booked our trip with the Inca Trail Reservations in January 2014. Upon our arrival to Cusco, we met with Carlos, to be our guide for the Inca Trail. Carlos was very cheerful, friendly, and confident from the first moment to the very last day of the trip. He called me the mother with a comforting sense of humor, as well as calling my husband the father. I believe that besides, above and beyond the Inca Trail we have met a new young friend in Carlos!

The accommodation, tents for two, were well organized and no problems at all.

The food was outstanding. I am very sensitive to new food and cuisines during our travels. However, I really enjoyed every single meal, and can say only congratulations to the food on the trail.

For the toilets in particular, I had no problem to use (although they should have been more clean which I understand is not solely under the Inca Trail Reservations control and responsibility) but that is the only area where some improvements shall be done in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with this experience, and want to thank, Inca Trail Reservations, Carlos, Munaycha the cook, and the porters who all made our trip an unforgettable experience.

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