inca trail 4days 3 nights

by: , Canadian -
June 13, 2013

the trek we did was great, everything went better than I thought, starting the briefing in Cusco office was very motivating and very informative. the recommendations of the guide helped us a lot because we carry only what is necessary and not have to carry a lot.

when we started the trek it was easy but it was very difficult, our guide was very encouraging and he always asked how we were. the explanations were very educational, the archaeological sites were impressive.

our porters were great, they were always on, when we arrived at our camp everything was ready. cooks did a great job, they always cooked very delicious dishes I had never tried. everything went very well. the greatest thing was to get to Machu Picchu and see how great it is, all were very happy when we arrived to the sun gate. I will recommend this company because Inca Trail Reservations made an excellent job, the service was really good.I would recommend the Inca Trail trek to whoever wants to have a challenge. I will admit it was not an easy task, but the people you meet, the sites you visit, and the feeling of accomplishment make the trek such a good experience! And what a good way to finish a trek by visiting Machu Picchu, such a mysterious and beautiful ancient city ruins!

We had an amazing group, a knowledgeable guide, helpful porters and cooks and we had great fun all along the way!

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