Inca Trail 4days

by: , Suecia -
July 05, 2014

Two days before starting, we were getting a briefing of what would happen on each day. The guides picked us all up in the morning the first day, checked our luggage helped us to get ready for the adventure.

The first day was a war up day, with an easy walk that got us the possibility to get to know the group at the same time. When we arrived for lunch, the porters met us and cheered us. Very nice feeling! The meals overall were over expectation. Always a soup, a main course and desert. After lunch we continued the trekking in a easy pace. When we got to the night camp, we got "happy hour" with treats like pop corn and hot chocolate. Then a short rest before dinner and briefing for the next day. A good start.

Day two was the toughest one, with both hard uphill and steep downhill. We were supposed to get through Dead Woman's pass. It was hard, but the group and the guide helped each other to reach the top. Everybody cheered each other when getting to the top. Wow! The feeling of being 4215 masl was really great!

After the Dead Woman's pass we had to climb down a lots of steps. It is good to have a walking stick with you in the down hills. Eventually we got to the night camp, very proud of ourselves.

Day three started with a hard but short climb, and then a pretty nice track.

Day four started early (3 am) and we started the last track to the goal in darkness and rain. Still it was an amazing feeling. The group walked together as one. Finally we reached our final goal: Machu Picchu. Wow!! We made it!

The trip wouldn't have been so good if it wasn't for the good guide on the way, and for the amazing porters that helped us through this. Thank you guys for making this experience as good as it became. We wouldn't have made it without you !!

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