Inca Trail

by: , Australian -
October 25, 2013

I had been looking forward to walking the Inca Trail for a very long time and the experience did not disappoint. Inca Trail Reservations organised the trek very well and we found ourselves in a multicultural and lively group of nine. Despite everyone being of varying ages and abilities the guides, Carlos and Grover, were very accomodating and friendly, helping anyone when they needed it.

Day 1 eased us into the trail, with what was called Andean flat, however it was anything but flat. We came across our first Inca site on Day and it gave us a taste of things to come.

Walking at my own pace was a something I enjoyed as it allowed me to experience the trail in relative peace, without the bussle of mass tourism.

Day 2 proved a challenge, as it was straight up to Dead Womans pass. Despite the pain in my legs, reaching the top was rewarding, regardless of the clouds preventing what could have been a great view.

Day 3 looked to be rained out initally, but the clouds soon cleared and allowed us to see 3 beautiful Inca sites, once again preparing us for Machu Picchu.

Day 4, was an early wake up, but the excitement of finally getting to see Machu Picchu was all I needed to get out of the tent. We had the good fortune of great weather, and when I reached the Sun Gate I was greeted with the view that photos never do justice, the Inca city of Machu Picchu.

Walking around Machu Picchu with our guide, learning about the speculative history of the people and the environment was enriching and something I will never forget.

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