Inca Trail adventure

by: , American -
July 09, 2014

Me and a friend decided to do the trek at the beginning of this year; while searching for companies, Inca Trail Reservations was the site that popped up the most, so after a little bit of research, we decided to go with it. In all honesty, I'm glad we did.

The guides did a wonderful job at creating a family-like feel for us trekkers (who all come from different backgrounds). By the end of the trip, I definitely felt that I was part of a new family. Also, the porters, who so humbly carried all the necessities to make our trek as comfortable as can be, were extremely kind! And the meals the chef cooked up were simply delicious! they never fell short of it.

I think some of the people in our group had some issues understanding the history due to language barriers, but it was overall an adventure I would recommend to anyone!

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