INCA Trail Banter

by: , Irish -
September 24, 2016

Overall, we had a great experience on the Inca Trail. Our guides Juan Carlos and Sergio were really patient and helpful. The four day trek was tough but the breaks to see the Inca sites were great. Juan Carlos was able to answer all our questions on the Inca Trail and made it quite interesting.

The food throughout was very good and varied. One of our group has a dairy intolerance and this was catered for very well.

There were a couple of development points that I think the company should consider going forward.

Tips: The tipping was very awkward especially when we were put together by the guides to decide how much we should contribute each. I think it would have been better if each individual group contributed separately what they wanted. It led to group conflicts when some people wanted to give less. Also, when we gave the tips the porters and guides were not happy, which is quite annoying considering how much we paid Inca Trail Reservations for the tour. Also the amount recommended wwas quite high and this was not communicated during the initiation meeting, therefore people did not bring much money on the trail with them

Lighting on the trail: I think the company should invest in more lighting at the campsites (battery powered). Particularly, towards the Banos, it was quite dangerous and although we had flash lights, additional lighting should be provided in my opinion.

Overall, we had a great experience and would recommend to a friend.

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