Inca Trail Machu Picchu Baby!

by: , USA -
March 22, 2017

To start off I would like to say that my experience was absolutely amazing. With the many vacation I have been on I have never enjoyed myself so much as I have on this one.

Not only was I able to emerge in a culture unlike any on the planet but I learned so much from my tour guide Marco. He made the entire experience so much more meaningful. I came for a spiritual experience and got that and so much more. The chef prepared daily meals and happy hours with were so incredible. The Chowski's made the trek experience so great, I'm inspired and motivated by their hard work and efforts to make the journey a great experience.

Every day the details of the day were drawn with perfect explanation, make the day so much more fun. Overall my Inca Trail tour and Manchu Picchu experience was one I'll carry with me throughout the remained of my life because everything about it helped me to find exactly what I came in search of myself.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

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