Inca Trail service

by: , Japan -
March 09, 2014

My journey started with a 5 hours of walking in first day. On the way to first camp site, I saw a lot of great historical sites and beautiful scenery. Though I was already stunned on the first trekking, days following were even more wonderful.

Our second day was very very tiring but definitely fruitful. Hiking up the mountain of more than 4200m was, I have to admit it, more than my ability. However with support of our best tour guide and teammate, I finally made it to the peak of the mountain. The great scenery was waiting for me there. 360 degrees of really great scenery was overwhelming.

On third day, we trekked more than 8 hours starting at 7 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon. We visited 4 historic Inca site this day, and our experienced guide gave us deep and wide range of knowledge. That made me culturally rich.

On last day, we woke up 3 a.m. to get to our goal. Around 8 a.m, after hours of trekking in silence we finally arrived at Machu Picchu. For a moment, I lost my words. I had heard that Machu Picchu was historic and culturally rich site, but 4 days of trekking made my experience far higher than just one world heritage. It is majestic :)

Finally i would like to say thank you to; our tour guide who gave us perfect experience, porters who carried our tents and cooked amazing meals, teammates, who gave me energy by cheering up when i almost gave up, and Inca Trail Reservations , which made this journey possible.

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