ITR can do it all for you … except the hiking

by: , United States -
May 06, 2014

The short version: You need to take this trip. And you need to do it with Inca Trail Reservations .

The meals prepared by our chef, ON THE TRAIL MIND YOU, were unbelievable. Our tour guide did a great job of creating a sense of team among nine trekkers from four different countries. And the porters, the heroes of any trek like this, were nearly super-human.

My wife and I dreamed of this adventure for years. If you have even considered this trip, you have to go. It is the kind of trip that you cannot replicate anywhere else. And I enthusiastically recommend Inca Trail Reservations when you go! It was the best.

Special Package:

Machu Picchu Travel

10 Days - A special package including assistance at your arrival in Lima, all accommodation and transportation required...and of course our world famous Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. *