Jogging like an Inca

by: , New Zealand -
December 01, 2014

It was good, if your expecting Machu Picchu to be the highlight then perfect because the trail itself will be an unexpected surprise. Our group had people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities and after four days of mountains, rain, sunshine, camping, good food and indulging ourselves in the Inca culture with the help of the porters and guides I was thoroughly satisfied and felt that our new family had clocked the Inca Trail . Word for the wise, go in with no expectations so as not to be disappointed as the weather is extremely variable !

Highlight of the trip was when one of our guides asked a porter if we could try carrying one of their 30 kg packs. Me and another friend ended up with the pack, the poncho, the hat, the complete look ! We jogged for as long as possible trying to keep up with the porters but instead ended up with jelly legs, empty lungs and ear splitting grins and calls from the porters. Completely assuming they were calls of respect but the benefit of the doubt is too sweet sometimes.

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