just do it!

by: , belgium -
July 21, 2017

the nice thing was that we just had a small group of 3 people, and a guide, supergood kook (Bertand) and the horse man.

that maked my experiance so mutch more pure and wonderfull

the ou¿ther tour company´s whent up the mounten with like 100 people devided in groups of 20 the first 2 days we had the mountain for orselfs we always left before the others, we saw the sunrise at Salkantay just with our 3 and the guide, he showed us a little ritual with the coca leafs and then we witnessed a avelange on the ñountain, it was verry beatiful ¡.

of course the matchu pichu it self was also nice we were there first thanks to the guide.

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