Lazy Legs

by: , USA -
May 08, 2016

The journey started with a mad rush back to Cusco to get to the rescheduled "before meeting" which we missed.

Needless to say, I had no idea what we were in for while waiting outside of our Cusco hostel at 5:30am for our bus to start the Salkantay trek. Each day I was truly impressed with the beauty of this country. From glacial lakes, to 15k glacier, to the jungle, pictures could not capture the spectacular sites (and we haven't even seen Machu Picchu yet!) There is no doubt about it, this trek is not meant for everyone. The physical and mental exhaustion of these hikes will test your limits.

Keep in mind that cooking in these isolated camps gives a good chance of food poisoning. The tour guides and helpers are magnificent! Overall I am so glad that I have this experience to look back on forever.

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