Liverfool &Everton

by: , British -
July 07, 2017

Orientation : found it to be informative , a good starting point to address any questions concerning the forthcoming activity . Also a a chance to meet and greet fellow trekkers and guides alike

Day one : as explained it eased us in to to walk and enabled guides to assess group , overall good day

Day two , wow , i was informed it was going to be difficult and that was an understatement , but i was educated by victor and Sergio to find my pace , which is what i did , both guides encouraged me , yet kept enough distance to allow me find my pace without feeling any pressure

Day three : i am finding it difficult to describe to first part other than wow wow wow , it helped massively just thinking about stage one whist descending the never ending knee crunching steps

Day four : early start not great when informed , but to be one of the first groups though the control was perfect

The guided tour great lots of information

Overall big thank you to both victor and sergio , ( although wasn't to happy about about victors liking of liverpool fc ). Cheers guys

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