Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu April 13, 2012

by: , Canadian -
April 13, 2012

This trek with went well beyond my expectations, from the initial booking to the communications in between the departure. Jose and Naruja our guides were very knowledgeable, informative and friendly. They took the time to explain various ruins to us and were always available to answer any questions we may have had. One of them was always waiting to make sure the last person made it to the final destination of the day. The cooks were phenomenal! From stuffed chicken with mint and a freshly baked cake one morning the food well exceeded my expectations. They provide a nice snack before dinner and the hot cocoa tea at 5:30am in the tent was very appreciated. The porters were friendly and energetic and definitely earn their wage and then some. Hats off to Florentino, one of the porters that went the extra mile to communicate and learn more about us. As an occasional hiker I found the trail tough...but not as tough as I had originally anticipated. Through the up hills and down hills, the sun and the rain, there was not one second of this trek that I did not enjoy. The group I was with was absoblutley amazing and really added a great dynamic of the trek. I would definitely recommend this trek and this company to guide you through it.

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