Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu August 20, 2011

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August 20, 2011

I just got back from my Inca Trail and I can honestly say that it actually exceeded my high expectations of what it would be like. The trek was very varied and the first day was quite easy and it allowed you to get used to carrying your bag over some easier terrain. Then the second day was the hardest day for trekking as it is all uphill and not easy, but when you finish it is the most rewarding feeling when you can celebrate at the summit with the rest of the members of your trek. The third day isn’t as difficult and you see more Inca sights which set this trek apart from all the others, and the information you receive from your guide greatly helps you understand the period. Then on the last day you have to get up really early but when you eventually reach the sun gate and get your first full sighting of Machu Picchu then it all seems worth it. On this trek you have the best entrance to Machu Picchu and get the chance to get the classic photos before the rest of the crowds get there. Then your guide takes you on a very informative tour of the sight which is invaluable in your appreciation of the sacred city.

I would definitely recommend Inca Trail Reservations because all of the details that I was promised when I signed up for the trek were delivered to a high standard. My guide, Mauro, spoke good English and not only helped inform us at every step of the way about the Inca’s and the area, but he took part in our banter as well. I cannot praise the porters, the work that they do, and the effort that they put in each and every day highly enough. This was topped off by Raul the cook who gave us a varied and excellent tasting menu every day.

Definitely do the Inca Trail if you have the chance, you won’t regret it.

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