Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu August 29, 2011

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August 29, 2011

I did the four day and three night camping Inca Trail . The views were fantastic, especially once the true Inca Trail started from ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’. Highlights were Machupicchu, which you can't fully appreciate until you arrive on the last day and view the great size and beauty of it.

The food was really well prepared and the porters very helpful and always ahead of us on the trek with the tent prepared for our arrival. The porters were also easily arranged for the trek after the first day to help us carry our backpacks. Realizing that 9kg was too heavy to carry as the Trek is harder work than anticipated.

I would recommend Inca Trail Reservations again, some things I didn't fully plan for was when it rains it is heavy and so good waterproofs are essential, including back pack covers. The facilities for toilets and showers are as basic as they get, so expect cold showers. The guide encourages tips at the end of the trail for porters, etc... So have some cash with you ready.

It was well organized and the tour guide was very informative, the porters were amazing carrying all our stuff from camp site to camp site. They were always there when we arrived with our tents all set up, this was brilliant after a hard day walking. The food was always good although it was useful to take some snacks to keep you going between meals. I would recommend the company Inca Trail Reservations as everything went smoothly for me. I would also recommend people using the porters if they have more than a small day pack because I found the walking enough without carry any extra weight. We also took tables to sterilize the water along the way which was useful because it saved some money along the way not having to buy the water at the mini shops.

I really enjoyed the final day and reaching the top, the views along the way were amazing and made it really worth doing. The sense of achievement when we had completed the four days was great and made it all worthwhile.

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