Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu March 25, 2012

by: , Canadian -
March 25, 2012

We heard about Inca Trail Reservations through a friend who had previously completed a trek with this company.

Booking online was easy, as our questions were answered through email correspondance promptly. This was very helpful as we were travelling in from Canada and have no contacts here.

The trek itself was very challenging but with the help of the knowledgable and friendly guides we made it through, and thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

Day 1: We were nervous to start our trek but enjoyed meeting the group and our friendly guides. The scenery was beautiful and the trail wasn´t too demanding. There was lots of Kodak moments that we took great advantage of!

Day 2: Was the most challenging day. The guides had tried to prepare us but we still were unprepared for the extreme incline of the trail and the amount of steps that we had to climb in order to reach the Dead womens Pass. When we got there we felt like we were on top of the world. It was a great accomplishment and both the group and the guides were very supportive. The downward portion of the pass was very physically exhausting and we were very relieved when we arrived and our porters had our tents set up, a snack ready and water available.

Day 3: Day three was our favorite day. The hike wasn’t as strenuous and the scenery was magical. The jungle was breath taking and made us forget about our sore legs and muscles! There were also many opportunities to take memorable pictures and create lasting friendship with our group members. The Inca sites were everything the books described, great day!

Day 4: This day we got up very early (3 am) to be the first in line to go through the checkpoint. This was worth it as we got to see the Sun Gate and our first glimpse of Machu Picchu through the clouds! We arrived in Machu Picchu and had received a great tour from our guide!

Over all the porters did an amazing job not only carrying our belongings but also setting up a tent that kept us dry! Our guide Jose was very patient, and provided a lot of information throughout the course of the trek. We had a lot of questions and we appreciated the time he took with his explanations. The train and bus transportation was timely and organized. We very much enjoyed the entire experience and would again recommend it to anybody travelling through Cusco!

Thanks again for this fantastic experience!

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