Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu May 05, 2012

by: , USA -
May 05, 2012

I´ve been on many tours in many places and I´ve had many different guides and tour companies, so I can say with confidence that Inca Trail Reservations are very competent. Our guides Raul and Hans were very knowledgeable and did an excellent job maintaining a positive team spirit throughout our entire adventure. The food was amazing and our porters had things ready before we knew that we needed them. We had some complications at the airport and lost our luggage but the team at Inca Trail Reservations helped us arrange for some very affordable rental gear and saved the day.

Peru is an amazing country filled with a tremendous variety of climates and eco-systems. On your Inca Trail hike you will experience at least eight or nine different ones. Be sure to bring gear for all types of weather. It didn´t get very cold, but it did get wet. Bring things to protect both yourself and your valuables from the elements (eg: a zip-lock bag to protect your iPod or Kindle on the trail). Comfortable hiking shoes with nice ankle support and lots of warm dry socks are the key to fun on the Inca Trail . If you are not used to climbing at elevation then consider asking your doctor for some prescription altitude medication--this saved a couple different people on our tour and helped them have a good time when the altitude affected them.

Some of my favorite things were orchid hunting during our hike on the third day and the view from The Sun Gate at sunrise on the fourth day--it was worth getting up at 3:30 in the morning! Our trip was amazing and our experience wonderful. I want to try the jungle tour now, and I will be booking with Inca Trail Reservations and requesting our guides Raul and Hans again!

Having just returned from a four day tour of the Inca Trail with your group I wanted to take a moment to let you know how glad I am that I changed my plans from going with another group over to traveling with you.

Upon arrival we lost our luggage and faced an uncertain adventure without much of our equipment. From the very first day, Elmer,from your office, made a special trip to the airport to help straighten out the problem.

During the adventure our guides, Raul and Hans worked well together and made sure everyone was taken care of properly. Throughout the trip we laughed together many times as we took on challenges that stretched all of us. The encouragement and support of our guides truly enriched the experience.

I should note that I heard it mentioned several times during the journey how glad we were to be with Inca Trail . We found 22 different types of orchids, we climbed an impossible staircase, we saw incredible sights, we learned of a people and a culture that had done amazing things.

Thank you

Bruce T. Anderson

Smithsburg, Maryland, USA

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