Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu November 26, 2011

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November 26, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the four days I spent on the Inca Trail and at Machu Picchu – it has been the highlight of my travels so far. The whole experience was incredible, as whilst the trek itself was challenging at times, you were constantly rewarded by amazing views and a real sense of achievement. My favorite day of the trip was the third day as although we had to walk the longest distance (16km), the scenery was the best and the path was most easily navigable as a large proportion was flat. The hardest day was the second day as this involved a large amount of uphill, but the knowledge of the lunch we´d get once we arrived at the campsite was definitely encouraging! The food throughout the trek was astonishing – I can´t believe such tasty food could be produced at a campsite, and I am so grateful to the porters for carrying all the necessary things – they were even able to make two cakes for us!

It´s impossible to describe how it feels to arrive at Machu Picchu – you can appreciate why it´s a Wonder of the Modern Wonder that´s for sure! We had a horrible thought when we arrived that we wouldn´t see anything because of the mist (this was definitely my low point of the trip) but luckily the sun shone through and we weren´t disappointed. The whole experience was really fun – the guides were so knowledgeable and encouraging, the porters were friendly and it was unbelievable how they could carry so much stuff at such speed. One thing I would recommend to bring is a pack of cards as this was a great way to get to know some of the others and you have a surprising amount of free time on your hands that I hadn´t realized before I started the trek.

I would definitely recommend the trek to others, even if you don´t think you have the best fitness – the walking itself was a lot easier than I´d anticipated, and there´s a lot of flexibility to cope with differing levels of ability. I´d also recommend Inca Trail Reservations , as they seemed efficient and organized and are definitely good value for money in comparison to the treks on offer by other companies.

My Inka trail trek booked through Inca Trail Reservations has been the highlight of my trip so far in Latin America. We trekked for four days through the Andes making our way over elevations of 4700m, down steep valleys, and through rugged terrain, arriving at the climax of the trek on the 4th day, Machu Picchu. Overall the trek encompassed all that I could have hoped for and more from my Inca Trail experience, stunning scenery, awe-inspiring ruins, informative guides and excellent company.

My personal highlight of the trek was the third day. Still recovering from the 1000m ascent of the previous day, we were tired and aching but spurred on by the magnificent views of the Sacred Valley we could see in the distance. We undulated through valleys taking in the ruins of Runkuraqay and Sayacmarca on the way, and arrived at Wiñaywayna just before sunset. We sat overlooking the Sacred Valley in the late afternoon sun, which I can easily say is one of the most beautiful views I have seen in my life to date.

Inca Trail Reservations are certainly unparalleled in terms of the efficiency of organization and enjoyment you will gain from your trek. The porters, cooks and guides are all incredibly talented and friendly. Some of the best food I have eaten in Peru was whilst trekking and the cake on the third day definitely put a spring in our steps! Our guide Poncho gave us an excellent tour of Machu Picchu which really added to the experience and sent us away with a good knowledge of Incan culture and history. In all I would certainly recommend Inca Trail Reservations to future travelers in Cusco (although bear in mind that having your gear carried incurs an extra charge), and would say that your memories from trekking the Inca Trail will be some of your most rewarding, unforgettable and fun of your time in South America.

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