Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu October 07, 2011

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October 07, 2011

The trail was magnificent, the second best trail that I have ever been on, second only to a trail that I can not mention due to confidentiality agreements. The trail involved mystery and intrigue similar to what you would find in a Steven King or Mark Dolson novel.

I am both humbled and insulted by the Inca Trail ; its magnificence leaves me without words to describe it which evokes strong feelings of achievement and fear. I will not be back to visit the trail for it may be the last thing I do. I would however come back if I were blindfolded and therefore not subject to its extreme beauty once again.

I would recommend the Inca Trail to both my closest friends and dearest enemies as both shall peril at the sight of the stone work that ceases to blow your mind each and every step.

Good luck, you may never do anything better than this so get mentally prepared for a life filled with regret or potentially achievement following the hike.

Ruben may be the most ecuducated person I have ever met. His endless insight made me feel as though I was an Inca walking the trail attending my first days of Incan elementary. He deserves a raise and a trail of his own. Treat him well.


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