Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu October 14, 2011

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October 14

We enjoyed our Inca Trail hike very much! The arrangements were according expectations and they certainly impressed us by serving delicious food. The hike was amazing and (except for the second day) not too hard for the average hiker. Our guide 'Ernan', better known as 'Erny' made the extra effort to make sure we had a fun trip! His English is good and he enjoyed answering questions so we were happy to learn a lot about the Inca culture.

I found it hard to get in contact with the porters; even via our guide they seem very shy. This probably had to do with the culture and language barrier, I suggest a good introduction at the beginning of your hike. Also, I suggest paying attention to the size of your group. Ours consisted of five persons which I thought was perfect. A little bit bigger is fine but other groups (from other organizations) consisted of twenty or more persons which I considered too large. In sum, I enjoyed the Inca Trail very much and I certainly would recommend 'Inca Trail Reservations' to organize your Inca hike!

Best regards and have fun,

Harm van de Ven, The Netherlands

There are many tour operators who offer the Inca Trail , which makes is difficult to choose the right one. I am happy that I did choose Inca Trail Reservations , because they were great! Before we went to Peru they offered us lots of information and helped to arrange our trip. For the Inca Trail we were with a small group of 5 people and 2 guides. In comparison with other groups we see during the trip this was a very fortuned group size, so we had lots of attention of the guides and the carriers. The carriers were treated very well and did comply with the maximum aloud of kilograms they could carry. The food was great! Amazing how a cook can make such variety of good food in such a simple environment. We were treated very well and even got served thee at our tents to wake up in the morning.

All of this made the Inca Trail a great life time experience! We had a nice group and learned a lot of the history and different sites along the route. I can fully recommend Inca Trail Reservations for planning your trip.

Eric Mulders, The Netherlands

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