Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu October 29, 2011

by: , USA -
October 29, 2011

Our trek on the Inca Trail was more than expected. Throughout the four day journey we experienced beautiful habitats of highland grasslands, to lush jungle flora (all surrounded by high snowcapped mountains), with many amazing ruins along the way, friendly guides who were very knowledgeable about the entire sacred valley, breakfast, lunch and dinner which were among the best meals we´ve had in Peru, and overall an unforgettable experience shared by new friends within the group.

We were also extremely impressed with the hard work of the porters and chefs carrying unbelievable loads over strenuous terrain only to arrive at camp, set up for the entire group, and serve and cook for us. We felt spoiled with the wonderful service they provided. Worth every penny (or centime).

Josh Jahelka and Ayla Arreguin - Fort Bragg, CA, USA

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