Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu September 09, 2011

by: , USA -
September 09, 2011

Our Inca Trail experience was a unique, enlightening, and downright amazing experience. Four days ago, seven friends from California, USA, embarked on a journey to find the lost city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, but ended up discovering that it was the trials and tribulations of the Inca Trail itself that held the true marvel.

Our time during the trek was spectacular. Rolling hills, plunging valleys, and vibrant flora that adorned every pathway and trail made for an endless score of beautiful scenery that took our breath away. We met many wonderful people along the way and the kind staff that assisted us throughout our hike made for a great experience that the seven of us would treasure forever.

The food was absolutely fantastic. We had been in Peru for about a week and a half by the time we left for the Inca Trail , and many would argue that the food we ate on the trail was some of the best of our entire trip. A wide variety of multi-course meals that paired both traditional Peruvian classics like lomo saltado and causa with nostalgic, foreign inspired dishes like pasta and Chinese fried rice made for a diverse and delicious culinary lineup that kept our stomachs full and our bodies energized for the trail.

But besides being excellent chefs, our porters were also incredibly helpful and accommodating hosts. Their service was impeccable: our tents were always pitched and taken down in a timely manner, campsites were neat and organized, wake-up service was prompt, and we were greeted at every juncture with a host of wide smiles and jubilant congratulations.

And lastly, I cannot say enough about our guides, Victor and Anita. They encouraged us when we struggled along the more challenging portions of the trail. They congratulated us at every stop. They engaged with us, laughing and telling stories, during periods of rest. Ultimately, they did everything they could to motivate us to get through the Inca Trail , while also making entirely certain that we moved at a pace that we were comfortable with. We could not have asked for two better guides to get us through this four day journey.

In the end it was all worth it. The view of Machu Picchu, a dazzling array of granite stone thrown together to create this lost city among the Andean clouds, was a true sight to behold. But what surprised us all was how this lost city seemed to be dwarfed by the sights, sounds, and the overall experience o f the trail itself. Yes, Machu Picchu was an absolutely amazing sight, but as our reflection during the bus ride back down to Aguas Calientes would yield, it was the four day journey that preceded it that held the true wonder.

Recommendations: Bring toilet paper, insect repellant with DEET, ponchos, flashlights, sunscreen, baby wipes, and snacks (lots of them)

Daryl Wong, USA, 13/9/11

Our Inca Trail hike with Inca Trail Reservations was one of the most rewarding experiences that Ive been on before. The entire experience from no showers for four days to our final descent into machu pichu was very well taken care of by the entire company. Most amazing to me were the porters and cooks who ran ahead of us each day to make sure that our camp site was completely set up and ready for us by the time we were done hiking for the day. Thanks for the great trip!

Thanks to Inca Trail Reservations , I experienced one of the most challenging and rewarding memories of my life thus far. I always felt safe even when walking next to a rocky cliff, sleeping in the rain, or panting on my way up to the highest point on the second day. With great tour guides, Victor and Anita, I was consistently encouraged to continue on and learned a lot about myself and the ruins along the way. It was a pleasant dining experience as well. I had great food for every meal and I am still awestruck by the ability of our amazing porters who carried maybe 4x the weight I was carrying and still made it to each site before I did. It was a truly unique experience and once I get home I'm going to recommend Inca Trail Reservations to all my Machu Picchu bound friends! Thanks for an unforgettable four days.

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