Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu August 20, 2011

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August 20, 2011

Salkantay Trek- 20th August- 24th August 2011.

The Salkantay Trek was fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone who loves the outdoors, amazing scenery, a bit of adventure and isn't too afraid of heights (at times!)

The guide (Alain) was very knowledgeable and taught us so much about traditional medicine and plants, the landscape and Inca culture as we trekked. He was able to answer all our questions and was always helpful when we were having problems getting up and down some of the steeper hills!

Some of the highlights of our trip included: Salkantay Mountain where our guide told us about how the Inca's would have offered gifts to Pacha Mama; the hot springs at Santa Teresa which worked wonders on my sore muscles; the views on the fourth day of the terraces at Machu Picchu and finally Machu Picchu which is one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen.

Our guide was fantastic during the guided trip around Machu Picchu and told us so much about the history surrounding the area and why it was such a sacred place to the Inca's. He made sure that we were some of the first people into Machu Picchu in the morning which made such a difference as it was so peaceful.

The arrangements on this trek exceeded my expectations- the food was fantastic and there was always a great selection of food at breakfast, lunch and dinner and the snacks for during the day were great too! The porters were brilliant and were so polite and helpful and it was such a relief to see our tents put up when we finished the days walking!

For other travelers on this trek I would only recommend that you bring warm clothes for the evening as the first 2 nights were really cold- thermal underwear was a must and warm socks, insect repellant for the second and third day also. During the day it got really warm so shorts or trekking trousers that turn up would be good and 2 or 3 t-shirts. WE found that we didn’t need extra snacks as there was so much food, so just a bottle of water for the first day and after that it will be filled up every day. A good sleeping bag is also useful!

I would definitely recommend this company as the service has been first class from the briefing to the actual trek to the transfer back to our hostel door. I am going to go home and save up for my next trek in Peru!

Nicola Wright - Northern Ireland

We embarked on our trip on 20 August with excitement and from the moment we met our guide our experience was what only can be described as amazing!!! Attention to detail was first class meaning our trip was hassle free and we could enjoy every experience that came upon us.

Alain (our guide) was super informative and knowledgeable every step of the way describing the scenery, plants and fruits we saw along the way as well as the Inca Story. He had a super sense of humour which kept us in laughs every moment of our trip.

We were fed like kings and queens the entire trip – in fact it was the best food we had experienced throughout our whole trip to South America…we never went hungry that’s for sure!! The food was varied and something for everyone was provided – snacks were also provided to keep our energy levels up during the long trek each day.

The porters worked exceptionally hard alongside the chef and camp was always set up for us on our arrival after a long days trekking. Only to add to the excellent service, we were served tea to our tent each morning on awakening!! Now that is good service.

Machupicchu was what I can only describe as spectacular – a postcard backdrop and worth the sore legs and hips!! As well as the amazing end result of Machupicchu we passed by other world class scenery along the way and the jungle trekking had to be my favorite – the rivers and wild flowers alongside the noises of the jungle was just out of this world. We also got to visit the hot springs on our third day which was incredible for easing our aches and pains and a great way to relax for the afternoon. Aguas Calientes was the perfect way to end our trip – a spectacular small town buzzing with yummy restaurants and entertainment. We got to stay in a hotel that night which was a lovely treat after camping out for 3 nights!!

It can get fairly hot during the trip so I encourage you to wear a t-shirt with either trekking trousers or long shorts. There were lots of mosquitoes around so insect repellent and sunscreen and hat is a must! Also you will be trekking across fairly rough terrain the entire time so strong and supportive trekking shoes are definitely advisable. A good sleeping bag for the evening is a must as temperatures can drop quite quickly and also a small rucksack for during the day to carry your essentials and layers.

Finally I would definitely recommend this trip to any travelers coming to Peru – it was the highlight of my entire trip!!!!!

Ally Hill - Northern Ireland

I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day 4 nights Salkantay Trek. I would recommend it to anybody who likes a bit of a challenge and loves walking and spectacular scenery 24/7!

From start to finish the service was first class. The chef cooked up some amazing meals. We were all in wonder at how he managed to create such amazing 3 course (twice a day) meals with only a gas stove and a lamp!! The variety was great, we never had the same meal twice. As for breakfast- warm thick pancakes, porridges, cereal all the tea, coffee, herbal drinks you could think of. Afternoon ‘snack’ was tasty also. We never went hungry, if anything we were always a bit too full. Our greediness!! I also have to mention that you get woken in the morning (usually between 4-5.30am) with a warm cup of tea! This was an amazing touch and certainly coaxed us out of bed.

The two young 17 year old boys that put up our tents, brought our luggage, washed up and served us worked so hard. They were perfect gents. They never stopped they deserve to be paid well. Thank you to them for their hard work and making our trip so much easier for us.

Alain our tour guide had a wicked sense of humor and was very knowledgeable. We felt safe with him at all times. His knowledge of the trees, plants and the mountains was amazing. He was able to tell us what the Incas used each flower and plant for regarding herbal medicines. We even go the privilege of drinking the plants he had gathered that day in the form of tea each night. Alanin was very respectable regarding the local culture, nature and history of the land. We made an offering to the mountain on day 3, heard stories as we walked.

I enjoyed every moment of this trip. I would advise people to warm the muscles up in the morning; this could help reduce some aches in the evening and mornings.

It is cold for the first few nights, so I would recommend a warm winter jacket for nights and also a wind proof jacket. This way you can pack your big winter coat into your luggage for the horse(less to carry means a lot) and wear your wind proof if cold during the day. Wooly socks at night with a hat and scarf.

Arriving in Machu Picchu was just SPECTULAR. It’s a moment we will never forget. Once again Alain was so full of knowledge and gave us over 3 hours of a tour.

In conclusion I can’t recommend this tour enough.

Suzanne Wright from Northern Ireland.

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