Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu May 24, 2012

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May 24, 2012

I thought the Salkantay.Org tour operators were great. Our Trek showed us an expanse of various different climates, and micro climates that would make anyone be put in awe! Our guide Jose was incredibly knowledgeable, funny, and happy. He seemed to really care about our tour group as a unique experience of his own to get to know us rather than just another guiding job. It was really pleasant to have him and the other porters and cooks son the trip, which made it less stressful land more enjoyable.

The group which we travelled with also was great company for us. We all really got along had the same humor and helped on another out. I think that this was made possible by our tour guide Jose bringing everyone together.

This is a Trek that I would recommend to friends and family. I also help run a adventure tour company and hope to be using for our future trips.

For recommendations to others on what to expect and what to bring: Bug spray, sun screen, water tablets, some spending cash, and an open mind and open heart for what you will experience will be something you will never forget. Thanks

The salkantay trek was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. it was exhilarating and spiritually fulfilling.

My first day was the ´second´ day of the trek (this i did not like. i wanted to do the first day also) but it was very beautiful to arrive in a high mountain pass and see the sun rise from 10,000 feet!

Jose, our guide was very nice, and very helpful. he was always courteous, and when i hurt my knee and had trouble keeping up with the group he offered to assist by taking weight from my pack and eventually asked me if i needed to ride the horse. he was always kind and looked after the group. i recommend him highly.

the views and sights along the trail were truly amazing. i´ve seen few things like them in my life. the high pass, with it´s stone cairns and glacier just above was a moving place. i didn´t ever want to come down. the sky when we got there was crystal blue, as we were leaving a cloud rolled in. you could clearly see the leading edge. Exhilarating! even with my handicap we had enough time to go a little higher and look at a mountain lake made by the glacier. we had to skip and hop over scree stones to get to it. when we were there, looking at the lake and the mountains i could hear the occasional crack of rock being moved around by the ice above.

as we went down from the pass we went through a large number of micro biomes from multicolored rocks and moss with high mesas nestled within mountain peaks to deep ravines surrounded by beautiful rain-forest reminiscent of the movie avatar (but real!).

our porters and cook were courteous and kind. they gave us all the food we needed and it was Execllent food. as good or better than most of the food i´ve had in peru, and back in the states. even my stomach was sad when it was time to say goodbye,

machu picchu was unforgettable, but amazingly enough was only one of the highlights of the trip. our guide made sure we got to machu picchu early enough to be ahead of the main crowed, which was good, because there are a LOT of people who arrive after 9 am

i would recommend this journey to anyone with healthy legs and a willingness to experience wonder.

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