Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu September 23, 2011

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September 23, 2011

The trek was a wonderful experience, challenging but rewarding. I would definitely recommend it as it is a unique experience and way to discover this beautiful part of Peru. The landscapes were magical and the photos can hardly convey the wild beauty of this country. My favorite place was climbing Waynapicchu as it offers the best views and the climb gave us a great sense of accomplishment. The people doing the trek including the guide, cook and horseman were great and this really helped make this trip unforgettable. Our team was like a family and we encouraged each other all the time. Our guide was very supportive and shared a lot of his knowledge about the fauna and flora, as well as the Machupicchu site. The arrangements were according to our expectations; the food on the campsite was amazing (thank you so much Elio) and helped us keep going especially when the weather was not so kind to us. I would recommend the company as the service was very professional and friendly. The piece of equipment I could not have lived without was good quality rain coats or ponchos and I would strongly advise other travelers not to forget this.

Cusco is a great and warm city, very comfortable for us to rest. The food is great and the atmosphere very relaxed.

My name is Maud and I live in Australia. This trip was part of my honeymoon with my husband Christophe and it was a truly wonderful experience. Thank you (27.09.2011)

This trek was absolutely fantastic, and well beyond my expectations. We saw amazing places every single day (Human Tay Lake, Salkantay mountain and pass) which photos do not do justice to. You just have to gear up and walk the trek. It may be difficult at times but overcoming this challenge is the best reward you could dream of. Of course none of this would have been possible without having such a wonderful guide (and his team). So Joel, I cannot thank you enough for your hard work, your enthusiasm, your good sense of humor, but also your willingness to share your knowledge and the wonderful culture that is that of the Quechua people. You do belong to the mountain!

The people that work “behind the scene” are not to be forgotten.

Elio, you are a true, very resourceful, culinary genius. I still cannot believe how you managed to prepare food that was so delicious with so little equipment and supplies. Simply amazing. It certainly helped us a lot after a long day spent walking/climbing. Your soups certainly deserve an award!

Lorenzo (and Lorenzo Jr) also have all my praises for all their hard work. As the rest of the crew, they were the first up and the last to go to sleep. It seems there was nothing they could not (or were not prepared to) do to assist anyone. Very much appreciated guys!

I would definitely recommend this trek, and this company to accompany you. Keep in mind that the weather changes rapidly and the rain (and cold) may be rapid to arrive. So be sure to have waterproof boots and clothes, a set of warm clothes and a poncho to keep you dry. Also, a good tip is to bring a metallic water bottle, fill it with warm water at night and keep it next to you (e.g. in your sleeping bag) if you are cold.

Thank you again to the whole Salkantay.Org team for making this experience truly unforgettable.

Christophe Garnier, Sydney (Australia). 27 September 2011.

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