Magical experience

by: , BRITISH -
September 07, 2016

Day one - Our journey to the start of the trek was good , we met up with everyone and started full of wonderment not really lay ahead of us especiallly me because of my age and whether , i would be able to survive it all. Ended the day feeling very fired and slept contentedly .

Day two, started with me feeling much more confident and raring to go and see what lay ahead the amazing scenary the reassurance of the guides , always looking after us and making every moment enjoyable.

Day Three a very long day 10 miles which i wondered if i was coperabe of mananging, I walk quite a bit on my own which gave me time to thinks a lot and understand this journey more, which has been a journey of discovery of this magical country and also of myself .

Day four , we started early inthe dark and waited at the check poin t to start . Iwas very tired but determined to enjoy this last short trek to Machu Picchu . It was cloudy and misty at the sun gate but that added to the amazing antispation. we were given a very informative talk from Edwin about the site and had lots of tome to explore on our own.

It has been an amazing expiriance , with amazing people all looking after each other the guides made us in to a family for this wonderfull trip one i will remember for a lifetime.

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