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by: , British -
March 22, 2015

The start of this adventure was filled with wonder and anticipation. We met with our fellow adventurers in our trek meeting at the Inca Trail Reservations office in Cusco. The explanation of what we could expect was explained. We started off at 5:30 am carrying our bags to the coach where we eventually picked up all the trekkers and porters. We drove down to our starting point of the trail and I have to say I was full of trepidation coupled with some fear as well me not being great with heights. The first day (easy day) was an interesting and testing day. This is where I found out Peruvian flat is not flat at all but a mixture of some climbs with the odd mountain thrown in.

Nevertheless this was an enjoyable experience if not a little tiring. What our realization was is when Edwin showed what we had just climbed was but a molehill in comparison what was to come. The second day became nothing short of an sas selection program. I have never in my life experience such grueling and lung bursting experience. But the arrival at the top of Dead Woman's Pass was exhilarating. After the climb the descent to our camp was as tiring but maybe not as strenuous. I slept that night.

Day three took us up again for ages where again I could not believe there was so many ups. I was really tired by this but the guides Edwin and Jimmy were really encouraging which gave me the motivation to finish. Again we had miles of Peruvian flat but eventually made camp after visiting some very interesting sites. Day four and final. This started by breaking camp and heading to Machu Picchu on a fairly flat terrain where we encountered some stunning views which to be fair was the same throughout. We finally arrived at the Sun Gate only to find the view covered in cloud, this was a disappointment along with that it started to rain and rain and rain. We made our way down and was given an excellent tour by Edwin and although very tired I found this to be very interesting and informative.

Overall this was a fabulous experience. I was in awe of the porters who carried all the equipment. The strength of these men were amazing couple with a cook that provided unbelievable food. I have to say it's an experience I will not repeat but I am a better human being for having done the Inca Trail.

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